German Squad in 28mm (WWII)

Quick update as I inch closer to finishing a squad of late-war German grenadiers for Chain of Command. Here’s my latest 10-man squad. Just a platoon leader, extra senior leader, LMG team, and panzershreck team to go…then on to some supports!


The whole gang

LMG team above is from Black Tree Designs. I was surprised by how few companies manufacture German LMGs in the prone firing position. BTD’s are nice, except that they have some distinctly mid-war touches, such as the high boots. The third crewman is from Warlord’s veteran grenadier plastics set.


Some glorious old Bolt Action Miniatures (BAM) figures I found in my basement, courtesy of an abandoned project from a decade ago. Lovely figures–buy some up if you ever see them on sale.

On a related note, I played the second scenario of the 29, Let’s Go! pint sized campaign today. Two lessons learned as the Germans: first, playing within a campaign structure adds so much to the game–many more decisions! Second, I’ve played too much to the Americans’ strength by trying to set up kill boxes at extended ranges. Those Shermans (along with marching fire) punished me. Next time the goal is to set up a deep defense, grab the Americans by the belt buckle, and give them a bit of the old MG-42.


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