Warlord Games 28mm German Veteran Grenadiers

This new job of mine has put a serious dent in my hobby time. Toy soldiers are rolling off the assembly line at a record slow pace. On the other hand, I have met several fantastic gamers. One of them is now hooked on Chain of Command, but he is especially interested in playing in 28mm, whereas I usually play in 15mm. His preference was more than enough to tip me into indulging a long-time interest in 28mm WWII…how could I resist?

Here’s the beginning of my basic grenadier platoon intended for Normandy, Holland, and beyond (1947, anyone?). All the models are plastic and from Warlord Games’ Veteran Grenadiers box set.sl-and-rifles

I really enjoyed assembling and painting these figures. They have a lot of character, paint up well, and provide a lot of room for customization. The set has only three drawbacks in my opinion. First, I don’t like how the zeltbahn ponchos are rolled at the shoulder. I understand why the sculptor did this (it provides for maximum interchangeability between arm options), but it looks a little goofy. Second, some of the arm options make for somewhat silly poses…not bad, but not great either. The complete arm-hand-weapon sculpts have their upside though, namely in ease of assembly. Finally, the pack contains far too few Kar 98k’s. Many of my boys are running around with Gewehr 43’s. I don’t mind too much because you can’t really tell from tabletop distances, but I would have preferred more standard rifles. I ordered a sprue¬†of Warlord’s German weapons to address this issue with my next batch.squad-without-sl

The paint job is pretty simple — block paint, Army Painter strong tone, highlight (much with drybrushing), and camo. I need to work with the skin tones on my next figures because I would like to achieve a better blend of colors.