Confederate Cavalry

I’m back in action! Our recent move to a new home put a real crimp in my hobby time and motivation. I’ve been in a bit of a gaming doldrum for the past couple months, but I just completed my first post-move unit and I’ve located some outstanding gaming venues. The mojo is starting to flow again.

A terrible photo of my recently completed dismounted Confederate cavalry is below. As you can see, I still need to figure out the lighting for photography in my new place. The figures are all fantastic casts from Blue Moon. These guys run a bit big, probably around 18mm, but they are full of character and detail.


These boys probably won’t see much action on the tabletop. They’ll be running around getting their names in the papers while the infantry dukes it out. I’m building up forces for Black Powder using the new Glory, Hallelujah supplement. However, I lack the motivation, time, and interest to crank out large units, so I sent away for my first commission project. My plan is to put a basic Confederate and Union brigade each out for commission, then add on odds and ends myself as inspiration strikes.

My next personal project is Chain of Command in 28mm. I’m finally giving in to the shiny toys. I have a new gaming buddy here who is aiding and abetting the move–spread the lard! Look for more on that later.


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