Back in Action

Transient living is finally at an end! After a move from Kansas to New York that somehow saw us swinging through the Deep South, we’re now officially unpacked!

Bad news? My consolidated man cave is gone. The new house just doesn’t allow it.

Good news? I have a “painting nook” and I managed to seize half of our fantastic half-finished basement to turn into a permanent gaming area.

I seem to have forgotten to pack my painting mojo, however. I’ve tried to tie in to a few groups here already, but none harmonize perfectly with my interests. Now I need to decide if I start a sustained project to recruit some players to a few of my favorite games (Chain of Command, anyone?) or to some promising possibilities (Saga?)….or if I cast my lot in with the already popular games on the local competitive scene. Feels weird to think about diving in to 40k or Bolt Action….

Stay tuned as I agonize through this mid-life crisis! Also, any advice is welcome!


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