German Sdkfz 251 Halftracks

Four more models rolled off the assembly line and into the motor pool this week. These halftracks are from Battlefront’s new plastic range. I strongly recommend them! The pieces fit together beautifully with very minimal cleaning up after removal from the sprue. The set came with passenger and crew figures, plus an option for fitting a machinegun on the rear of the vehicles. The box set also contained a great decal sheet, which my halftracks are sporting. I added some stowage from Battlefront (marketed, appropriately, as German halftrack stowage, and available through special order). My only complaint is that the passenger figures are so bulky that sitting them across from one another is a serious challenge. Don’t plan on loading your halftracks up with a full complement of troops.
German Halftrack Sdkfz 251 Group Shot 2 (1024x549)

I more or less followed Mig’s Painting Wargame Tanks guide. I can’t recommend the book enough. It is a little lacking in the description department, but it lays out some useful techniques and contains tons of fantastic pictures. I typically don’t weather my AFVs as much as Mig does, but I went a little (too) crazy with the wear and tear on these halftracks. It is hard to stop once you get going!

I used the Plastic Soldier Company’s excellent late war German armor spray as a basecoat. I highlighted edges and raised areas with VJ Buff next, then broke out the airbrush for the camouflage. The airbrush is not my favorite tool…I usually spend 5 minutes painting and 30 minutes cleaning and packing. Still, I think I achieved my best result yet with it, so I’m happy. I used Mig’s brown wash for yellow vehicles, painted up some details, applied a light coating of light earth pigments to the tracks and plates, and voila!


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