Big Axe Update … or, Saga Project Complete

One of my new year’s resolutions was to keep my miniatures hobby (habit) in check by working small batch projects to completion before buying anything new. So far, it has worked. This post celebrates the end of my first bite-sized project — a six-point Anglo-Dane force for Saga!

Check out my earlier posts where I address my force list and painting palette here and here. All figures used in this project were from Gripping Beast. These particular models are metals, available here. The models were generally very good and required little clean up. My only complaint is that some of the hands looked more like mittens, and the weapons fit a little awkwardly in them.

These twelve figures will all represent elite Hearthguard troops in Saga. Four are swinging my favorite period weapon–the Dane Axe! Skilled wielders were reportedly able to severe a horse’s head in a single swing. I would hate to be clutching a little wooden shield with one of those axes bearing down. They also remind me of my favorite workout implement, the steel mace. Maybe I will channel some hearthguard action tomorrow morning…

I look forward to fighting my first Saga battle, hopefully in the next few weeks. After I do, I will put up a battle report with my thoughts on the rules.


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