Anglo-Danes, Round 2! A Saga Project Update

Eight more warriors rallied to the banner this week! More importantly, my warlord made his appearance too. That brings my total up to 16 warriors (two points), 12 levy slingers (one point), and my warlord. On the painting bench are 12 heartguard (last three points). Soon, we’ll march to battle!

I was happy with the shading on the “unofficial warrior leader”‘s green cloak. The accompanying photos are intended less as evidence of that shading (because they don’t show it well), and more as evidence of my need for a better camera.

All the warriors have a mixture of clothing colors. However, I took some advice from a TMP poster and maintained the same cloth color variety as with my previous batch of warriors, so the whole force won’t look like an obnoxious rainbow. The spear shaft color should help tie the whole force together too.

Almost there!



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