First American Civil War Confederate Regiment Complete

Quick post to show off some recently completed work. My brother is just getting into miniatures wargaming and wanted to go American Civil War for his first project. I have always had a gnawing feeling in the back of my wargamer’s mind that I ought to dive in to some horse and musket, especially ACW, so how could I refuse?

We are planning to use the Black Powder rules to get started, though I have us based appropriately to run Regimental Fire & Fury or Johnny Reb if we want later.

Figures are mounted on bases 1.25″x1″ from Litko. I put flexible steel bottoms on the bases so that I can store the figures in an art bin with a mag20151101_225321netic sheet bottom. I plan on using five bases, each with six figures in two ranks of three, per regiment. Large regiments will be seven bases, small will be three.

This regiment painted up super fast. All figures are from Blue Moon and they are wonderful! The figures are large, however. I would guess around 18mm, so I doubt they will mix well with any other manufacturer. Given the breadth of Blue Moon’s range, though, I don’t anticipate needing to mix anytime soon. Figures had very little flash and came in a wide variety of poses.

A refreshing aspect of painting Confederates is that you can paint them pretty much anyway you like and be assured of some reasonable historical accuracy. In this case, I went for a mixture of about two-thirds in traditional grey and the others in a mix of butternut and other tan colors. I wanted the unit to have some visual cohesion on the table, so I limited the variety and interspersed the oddballs on the bases.

I started with a basecoat of Army Painter Uniform Grey (fitting, huh?) and a quick highlight of GW Administratum Grey. GW Deathclaw Brown stood in for butternut. The shoes, knapsacks, and hats received a mixture of tans, browns, and leather tones. Canteens are either khaki, brown, or GW Fenrisian Grey. A nice coat of Army Painter Stro20151101_225346ng Tone tied it all together. Because I was going for speed, I omitted highlights at this point and just finished the models with a matt spray.

Overall, I am very happy with my first foray into ACW! The models were wonderful and the painting was quick. The final result is a regiment ready for tabletop combat.

So, if you are an ACW gamer, sound off! How do you paint your Confederates? Think I can mix more colors in to future units without them looking like a circus?



  1. thedivergentwargamer · November 24, 2015

    Nice looking stuff…you’re really making me want to dig out my ACW stuff again and complete my setup. Around 5 years ago I started “big time” minis gaming with ACW. Fire and Fury was the poison. After painting up a few stands, I realized it wasn’t for me. But…now that I’ve discovered Army Painter Strong Tone I need to revisit! Lol


    • The Roving Hobbyist · November 24, 2015

      Yes! AP Strong Tone is liquid magic! For tabletop quality miniatures, especially in 15mm, I find it hard to justify not using strong tone these days.


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