Rocky Outcrops – Reviewing a Recent Terrain Commission

Last month at our local convention, Recruits, I spotted some beautiful terrain at a dealer table. I must not have been alone because by the time I fetched my cash and returned, someone scooped me! Fortunately, the dealer, Bill, said he was willing to work on commission and sent me on my way with a business card. I didn’t waste any time getting in touch with Bill afterward. For a very reasonable price, he made a set of rocky outcrops that will be perfect for my long-gestating sci-fi project and for fantasy gaming. The turnaround was amazing too; just two weeks passed between initial contact and Bill mailing the final product. (By the way, I only paid at-cost for shipping)

In the pictures below you will see the the outcrops work well for 15mm, 28mm, and everything in between. The largest pieces are more than a foot in length while the smallest pieces are maybe 6-8 inches in length and considerably narrower than their larger siblings. All pieces were mounted on what appear to be hardboard (feel free to correct me if you read this, Bill) with no evident warping. The rocks received a few attractive layers of drybrushed highlights. An appealing mixture of flock covered the ground, along with some firmly glued undergrowth. Every piece seems very durable.

Bill was willing to make these in desert or European variants (mine are the European version) and was very flexible with size and type. I suspect that no two rock configurations will be the same.

Overall, I am very pleased! Bill says he is open for business, so if you like what you see then drop him a line at wdaniel994 at comcast dot net.

(As an aside, the base mat under the terrain in these photos is from Cigar Box. I can’t say enough about the quality of their products either!)

Outcrops with 15mm Terrain for Comparison Outcrops 2 Outcrops with 15mm Models and Building Outcrops 4 Outcrops 5 Outcrops with 15mm Figure Outcrops with 28mm Figures


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