Custom Gaming Table

A group of local wargamers usually meets once a week in our area. For the handful in my town, the 45-minute-plus drive every week can be taxing, even if the group is good fun. So, a once or twice a month our local crew gets together for a game instead of driving out to participate in the larger group. We usually rotate from house to house, but one of our number just made an investment I think we are all interested in capitalizing on…


Take a look at this beauty! Custom created by a local carpenter. Playing surface is 5’x7′ with drop-in wood slats. Our gaming guru plans to paint the wood green on one side and blue on the other, but until then he used a mat. A good 6-8″ bumper lines the playing area, complete with cup- and dice-holders. Drawers on each side are fully stocked with markers, rulers, and more. All this is in a beautiful polished wood that makes for a really attractive piece of furniture.

A few more pictures are below. The game depicted was out inaugural on the new board, an AWI scenario for Black Powder (Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill, April 1781) straight out of the recent WSS 78. I won’t say much about the game here except that it was a blast…and that my Marylanders melted at the first sign of trouble, taking the entire center of my line with them.

If you live in the Kansas City area and are interested in commissioning one of these pieces for your own gaming room, then send me a message and I can put you in touch with the carpenter.





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  1. Michael Machell · August 8, 2015

    As the “gaming guru” mentioned in the article, I am pleased to see my long-held desire for a dedicated game room with a custom game table come to life. And I am especially glad to have other gamers with whom to share my good fortune. Hobkirk’s Hill was our inaugural battle on the new tabletop and I look forward to many more battles with gaming friends over the years.

    The gentleman who made the table did so from a sketch I made on a piece of paper and he did a wonderful job despite not knowing anything about our hobby. He completed it from the sketch in less than a month. When I mentioned that other gamers might be interested in such a table, he expressed interest in building others, so if you like what you see and would like to speak with him, let me know and I will provide contact information. We discussed about the possibility of having a model ready for Recruits, but that’s not definite yet. While it wasn’t inexpensive, it wasn’t nearly as much as the tables on “geek chic” and delivery was a heckuva lot quicker. I am very pleased with the result.

    I’m glad I went with the 5′ x 7′ playing area, although the table does take up most of the room. Anything larger would have been too big for the space I had and anything smaller would have been, well, smaller. I think the size works well for a three to four hour long battle and suits my collection of miniatures well. Happy gaming!


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