Marder III M’s

Four new Marder III Ms are fresh to the front, ready to brew up a few Shermans. Playing these glass-jawed, heavy-hitting hunters should be fun. They will require some careful handling, positioning, movement, and coordination. They will also provide opportunities for some cinematic heroics for my opponents–how long until I lose one to a hand grenade in the crew compartment?Painting Wargame Tanks

I painted these using some new techniques learned from the recently released book Painting Wargame Tanks by Ruben Torregrosa and Mig Jimenez. The book contains great visual guides and tips, especially for using the Mig paint products. The book is not super-intuitively laid out (an index or by-technique table of contents would have been nice), but I learned a few new techniques nonetheless. The authors push a super-weathered, lived-in look for their AFVs. I usually prefer moderate weathering on my table…pure taste, I suppose. What that means, however, is that I did not do a lot of chipping or mud splattering this time around.

Inspired by the book, I bought and used some Mig washes, rust effect, and streaking grime. The book may have been of mixed (balancing on the side of positive) quality, but I can report that the washes and effects were excellent! All are enamel based, a big change for me because I have traditionally used acrylic-based washes from Vallejo or GW. The enamels were fantastic. They allowed for nice pin washes (again, a new technique for me), blending, and controlled application. They flowed amazingly well through capillary action. Highly recommended!

The painting process also saw my new airbrush’s first outing. Using it was a major learning experience. I achieved some subtle, perhaps too subtle, camouflage shading that does not turn up well in the pictures or to the naked eye! I look forward to experimenting some more with the airbrush. If you have any tips for a beginner, please comment!

Marder III M

Marders in the Farm Yard Not the best picture quality, but maybe it works to my benefit? I can imagine the look on my wife’s face if I tell her I need a new camera for this…


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