Engaging the Gaming Community

Hello, world!

The infrequently updated hobby blog seems to be a trope among wargamers. Doesn’t everyone have one? For years I wondered why, struggled to decide if I was missing out on something. After much denial, I realized I was missing out. This blog is intended to remedy that gap in my life as a hobbyist.

So, what made me realize I should start a blog? Mostly it was my realization of the blog’s purpose, which I perceive as connecting hobbyists to a larger community. Let’s face it, miniatures wargaming is not exactly the modern world’s most popular pastime. Most of us are fortunate to have a few like-minded hobbyists nearby, perhaps a (dis)organized club to call home. What bloggers and forum posters have demonstrated, though, is an opportunity to transcend the confines of a local gaming scene and tap into the opinions, perspectives, talents, interests, support, and enthusiasm of a much larger global community. Here’s to joining that community.

What will follow is a casual presentation of my wide-ranging interests, not in the name of narcissism but in hopes of participating in and contributing to the global wargaming community. I hope that maybe I can inspire someone. More realistically, I hope like-minded enthusiasts will encourage me.

My miniatures gaming domain is World War II, so readers will see a lot of that. Like others, though, I stray frequently. I often diverge into other periods, scales, miscellaneous passing fascinations, and board gaming. All will see some airtime here. My interests also carry me into the realms of physical culture, beer, history, and BBQ, so those may see some play too. Exercise discussion on a wargaming blog? Sounds like a niche to me.

Enough with the wheezy introduction–welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy!


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